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The 'Where' & 'When' of the Summer Program

Bodwell's University Summer Programs (BUSP) are hosted by three different universities and one high school around British Columbia, each with its own unique perspective on the British Columbian experience. From an exciting urban setting to a rugged backdrop of mountains, the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Quest University, and Bodwell High School offer every student an experience that is sure to engage, excite, and entertain.


UBC programs
University of British Columbia (UBC) - Vancouver, BC

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of British Columbia is a city within a city. Surrounded by over a thousand hectares of rainforest and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, UBC blends natural beauty and human achievement. In the summer, UBC hosts sports, music and cultural events, and scholars from all over the world.

University of British Columbia Official Website
University of British Columbia Campus Map

UVic Programs
University of Victoria (UVic) - Victoria, BC

The University of Victoria is located in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. The campus is 15 minutes away from the city centre which becomes a beautiful garden city in the summer months. This colourful and friendly city is an ideal starting point for our students to explore the intriguing cultural heritage and the fascinating geography of the Pacific Coast.

University of Victoria Official Website
University of Victoria Campus Map

Quest University Programs
Quest University - Squamish, BC

Quest University in situated on British Columbia's sea to sky highway and boasts beautiful mountain views. Halfway between Whistler and Vancouver, the city of Squamish is an ideal campus for our students with numerous outdoor activities available.

Quest University Official Website
Quest University Campus Map

Bodwell High School - North Vancouver, BC

Located on the waterfront, nestled between parkland and bicycle paths, Bodwell offers views stretching from the picturesque North Shore Mountains to Vancouver City Centre and across the Burrard Inlet to the world-renowned Stanley Park.

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FOCUS Programs

Location: Bodwell High School (BHS)

2 Weeks
July 11 - July 24
July 25 - August 7
4 Weeks
July 11 - August 7
Victoria Programs

Location: University of Victoria (UVic) & Bodwell High School (BHS)

2 Weeks
July 11 - July 31
Whistler / Squamish Programs

Location:  Quest University & Bodwell High School (BHS)

3 Weeks
July 11 - July 31
TRI Programs

Location: University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Victoria (UVic), Quest University & Bodwell High School (BHS)

4 Weeks
July 11 - August 7

Note: There is no educational affiliation between Bodwell and the Universities (UBC, UVic, or Quest) where the programs are located.


Location: Bodwell High School (BHS) & University of British Columbia (UBC)

2 Weeks
July 25 - August 7