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Population: 2.4 million+

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia and the third largest city in Canada.  Vancouver borders the United States of America and has coasts along the Pacific Ocean.

Stanley Park, a 400 hectare rainforest park amidst the urban landscape, is truly the jewel of the city, offering scenic views and great amenities and attractions, including Canada’s largest aquarium. Other popular areas around the city include Gastown, a national historic site, Yaletown, a location for trendy restaurants and shops, and Granville Island, where a Public Market is located offering foods from around the globe.

Vancouver has an atmosphere full of culture, warmth and achievement. Its natural beauty makes it an ideal location for outdoor activities throughout the year.

City of Vancouver Official Website
Tourism Vancouver Official Website


Population: 345,000+

Located on Vancouver island, the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria, is home to many historic sites and museums that share the history of the beautiful country of Canada.  Victoria is a 2 hour ferry ride away from Vancouver.

Victoria’s downtown waterfront is home to famous landmarks such as the Empress Hotel, the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the Royal BC Museum. Visit the nearby markets, shops and Beacon Hill Park for further exploration of the scenic, historic and cultural atmosphere of the city.

Known as the “City of Gardens”, Victoria’s beautiful greenery, colourful people and mild climate make it a wonderful vacation choice. As the sunniest spot in the province, it is no wonder that visitors return to this stunning city again and again.

City of Victoria Official Website
Tourism Victoria Official Website


Population: 9,800+

Whistler is a bustling mountain resort town that attracts millions of local and overseas visitors every year.

Whistler’s core, Whistler Village, is an outdoor mall of shops, restaurants, and residences built with the natural environment in mind, creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Official Website
Tourism Whistler Official Website


Population: 17,000+

The town of Squamish is recognized as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. Mountain bikers, hikers, rock climbers, kayakers, and skiers and snowboarders converge on Squamish year round to take advantage of its  natural beauty.

District of Squamish Official Website
Tourism Squamish Official Website

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