Tri Programs

TRI Programs

Expand your Horizons from Sea to Sky

DURATION: 4 or 5 Weeks | UNIVERSITY: University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, & Quest University | CITY: Vancouver, Victoria, & Squamish / Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

The TRI Programs offer the best of Bodwell’s University Summer Programs. Visit some of the most memorable cities in British Columbia, Canada. Experience the highlights of all programs in Vancouver, Victoria, and in Whistler/Squamish. Also learn by taking part in the three corresponding themes of Celebrate Diversity, Discover Nature, and Develop Leadership.

Students in the TRI Programs will be challenged in overall personal growth and development during their stay in Canada. The wide variety of class work, activities and outings will greatly increase the development of the students’ English skills.


* This is a sample schedule only. It is subject to change.

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